The Arts and Humanities Focus Program is designed for high school students who possess a curiosity for learning and are committed to the arts and humanities. Students take at least two classes at their home high school prior to the start of the program each day.

The Arts & Humanities Focus Program accepts freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors that are academically prepared and possess the maturity required to thrive in an environment where motivation, self-directed learning and time-management skills are the key to student success.

Applying to Attend...

We accept applications for the Arts & Humanities Focus Program year round.  Please mark your application accordingly to which semester you are applying for.  Teachers will evaluate applications as they are received, you will then hear from us approximately at the end of November for second semester, April/May for the new school year.   Please call for a tour or questions, 402 436-1785.

The LPS Focus Programs

James Blake, Principal

In 1996, the Lincoln Community and the Lincoln Public Schools took on the challenge of doing high school differently.  Of developing a high school experience that was built on the shared interests of staff and students, an experience that was embedded in the community, and an experience that went beyond the four walls of the classroom and the boundaries of the school campus.  In response to that challenge, the Lincoln community and the Lincoln Public Schools envisioned, developed and nurtures two focus programs: The Science Focus Program (1997) and the Art and Humanities Focus Program (1998).

The Arts and Humanities focus program is a special enviorment that helps promote such skills and ideas:

  • Open views on real world issues
  • Off campus learning such as field trips, and films.
  • Integration of graduation requirements and focused learning classes.
  • A highly interactive focus learning environment centered around the arts and humanities.
  • An opened minded view on subjects and curriculum.
  • Guest speakers that coincide with our themes of focus.
  • Themes for each semester
  • One on one interaction between students and teachers; stronger relationships.
  • A smaller, closer community of students than average LPS schools.

The programs are extensions of student learning in their LPS high school. Students who attend the focus programs remain students of the home schools during their enrollment in the focus programs.  They are eligible to participate in their high school’s activities, athletics, and social events as well as those of the focus program. Neither fees nor tuition are charged for focus program participation.

We are pleased to offer these outstanding programs for students. For more information, please contact program staff at 402 436-1785.

James Blake
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Focus Programs