Arts and Humanities Focus Program
The Arts and Humanities Focus Program is designed for high school students who possess a curiosity for learning and are committed to the arts and humanities.

Welcome to Arts & Humanities!

The Arts & Humanities Focus Program offers experiential learning opportunities at school and in the Lincoln community. The curriculum emphasizes identity development, personal and social responsibility, empathy, critical thinking and creativity. 

Students begin their morning attending classes at their home high school before moving to A&H for the remainder of their day. LPS provides bussing to and from the program for those who need it. Students can participate in activities, athletics and social events at their home high school.

Applying to Attend

The program is open to high school students of all grades. Applications are accepted year-round as teachers evaluate applications as they are received. You will then hear from us approximately at the end of November for second semester, and April or May for the new school year. Please call us for a tour or if you have questions!

The Arts & Humanities Focus Program is More Than an Art School

Students participate in a Humanities course that fosters a collaborative, project-based approach including guest speakers, field trips, and community partnerships with the Lied Center, Ross Theater, and Sheldon Art Gallery.

Teachers know students as individuals and offer differentiated instruction and feedback.

Students are motivated, responsible learners who are curious about the world around them.

Students thrive being part of a small, tight-knit learning community.

Instruction is learner centered and challenging, culminating in a student-designed Senior Capstone project.