Arts and Humanities Focus Program
The Arts and Humanities Focus Program is designed for high school students who possess a curiosity for learning and are committed to the arts and humanities.

About Our Program

How long has the A&H Program been in existence?

Planning began for the Arts and Humanities Focus Program in 1997. The original team of teachers were hired in 1998.

What does it mean to be accepted to the program?

To be accepted into the Arts and Humanities Focus Program, a student will be introduced into a new environment that is different from a home high school. The program offers complex classes, and students who welcome challenges, and are self-motivated in nature. The Arts and Humanities Focus Program is one which encourages diversity in thought and principles.

For whom is the program designed?

The Arts and Humanities Focus Program is designed for high school students. The daily schedule allows for students to take at least two classes at their home high school prior to the start of the program each day, although they have the option to take more at their home high school.

Is everyone who applies accepted?

Students with an affinity towards the arts, writing, appreciation of music, humanitarian causes, or cultural differences and values are who we as a school look for.

The Arts and Humanities Focus Program tries to maintain a specific number of students each semester. However, students who are academically prepared, possess the maturity and appreciation for the privileges this environment holds, and have the motivation and time-management skills necessary for success are welcome. Of course, being an Arts and Humanities focused school, we do hope for students who have prior knowledge to one or both areas, as well as experience.

Is it easier to attend the program than to stay at my home high school?

It is quite common for students to be asked to attend shows and performances away from the school, and at times, outside of school hours. In this way, the Arts and Humanities Focus Program adds to the responsibilities of students. There are cases when the students are responsible to transport themselves to these locations, however in most instances, carpooling is common.

Will I know what is going on at my home high school?

Students will be responsible for remaining informed about their home high school and the events there. They are allowed to maintain full affiliation with their home high school along with the Arts and Humanities Focus Program, and all graduate activities will still be tied to their home high school. Athletics and other school activities will also remain available at their home high school, although the Student Advisory Council is also offered at Arts and Humanities as a class with credit.

Are there any required courses at the Arts & Humanities Focus Program?

The Humanities course is one which is required for all students. Students earn 10 credit hours throughout the year-long Humanities course of study. In the Humanities course, students will be paired with one of the four teachers as their Advisory instructor. The Humanities course focuses on local as well as international real world issues, and focuses on speakers visiting the school, viewing films and documentaries, and reading excerpts from books as well as articles. The course focuses on a Quarterly Theme, with past ones such as time, change, power, and our current theme of self discovery. Students are challenged to think critically over issues they may be unfamiliar with, and the class attempts to elicit sensitive and valued responses.

Will I be able to take regular LPS courses?

The Arts and Humanities Focus Program offers courses that meet the same graduation requirements and elective courses that also count toward graduation. Student transcripts will reflect these course titles. Within each area of instruction, major course objectives are approved by the Lincoln Board of Education. Some courses may not be offered at student’s home high schools, and students will need to complete their Science, Foreign Language, P.E., and certain elective credits at their home high school